Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tummy Adventure in Ormoc

Because I don't have my own kitchen yet in Ormoc, I sometimes choose to eat out. I usually go out with Ian or with officemates. Depending on my budget, Ormoc has a lot to offer. So come take a peek on what I feed my tummy from time to time... hehe :)

Brgy. San Pablo, Ormoc City

The place has been around for a year already but it was only my first time to eat there. Mind you, the resto is far from the city proper but it was worth the journey. Naks! Really. I love their Sizzling Squid (P135)! It was a bit spicy but very tasty. Their Lumpia Sisig (P145) was something I haven't eaten before. Kind of original I guess to make the sisig as lumpia. I believe that their menu is affordable and the servings are quite generous too! I would surely love to go back there and try their other dishes. This resto is such a treasure. So if you're looking for a place in Ormoc where you want to get full and chill at the same time, this is one good place to go! :)

Another plus is the resto's "cozy, modern tropical ambiance." 

Mooon Cafe
Gaisano Capital Riverside,
Ormoc City

Beef Burrito, Peppered Beef, & Fish Mozzarella Melt.

This is where Ian and I spent our Valentines' date. It was our first time there and we both love the drinks (which I forgot the name!) As for their food? The burrito and beef were good but the fish was disappointing. But hey, we'll try to come back to try their other dishes. Maybe the ones we ordered did not suit our palate. 

Ormoc City plaza

Hey, I'm not a picky eater! I also eat street foods!  Hehe... Kwek-kwek and/or tokneneng  are so common in Ormoc and they usually pair it with pipino. Weird right? But it works somehow! :) For only less than P10 each, your tummy will surely be very happy. 

Bus Terminal / Along the streets of Ormoc

If you're looking for a cheap way to drive your hunger away, mami is here! Lol! For less than P50, you can have a mami with egg, pork liver, and veggies! Complete meal indeed! :)

Sabin Resort Hotel

Lorenzo's Cafe & Grill
Larrazabal St., Ormoc City (across the plaza)

I usually go to Lorenzo's for coffee and sweet pastries. Theirs is quite affordable. Few weeks ago, I went there and I finally had the chance to try their menu. Their steamed fish was quite pricey and my taste buds were quite disappointed :( The serving was small and it was too bland for me. My officemate agreed with me. But as for their nachos? It was good! We even ordered for another serving because it was that good! :) I still have so many dishes to try from their menu. Until my next trip there! :)

Osmena St., Ormoc City

This is our go-to place when Ian and I are both stressed from work! I can't count anymore the number of times we've eaten there. Definitely, Martinelli is our favorite pizza place in Ormoc! Prices are reasonable and their pizza's good especially if served straight from the oven! Best eaten when still hot :) I'm not a Hawaiian-pizza-kind-of-girl but I loved their version of it! They even have it shaped like a heart last Valentines. Aaww :)

*more gastronomic adventures to come :)))

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